Python String splitlines()

The splitlines() method splits the string at line breaks and returns a list of lines in the string.

The syntax of splitlines() is:


splitlines() Parameters

splitlines() takes maximum of 1 parameter.

keepends (optional) - If keepends is provided and True, line breaks are also included in items of the list.

By default, the line breaks are not included.

Return Value from splitlines()

splitlines() returns a list of lines in the string.

If there are not line break characters, it returns a list with a single item (a single line).

splitlines() splits on the following line boundaries:

Representation Description
\n Line Feed
\r Carriage Return
\r\n Carriage Return + Line Feed
\v or \x0b Line Tabulation
\f or \x0c Form Feed
\x1c File Separator
\x1d Group Separator
\x1e Record Separator
\x85 Next Line (C1 Control Code)
\u2028 Line Separator
\u2029 Paragraph Separator

Example: How splitlines() works?

grocery = 'Milk\nChicken\r\nBread\rButter'


grocery = 'Milk Chicken Bread Butter'


['Milk', 'Chicken', 'Bread', 'Butter']
['Milk\n', 'Chicken\r\n', 'Bread\r', 'Butter']
['Milk Chicken Bread Butter']
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